Security & Data Protection

Security & Data Protection

  • Backup & disaster recovery
  • Data recovery & hard drive repairs
  • PCI & HIPAA Compliance
  • E-Discovery for litigation
  • Digital forensics
  • Secure erasure
  • Virus protection & removal

Backup & disaster recovery

Keeping crucial data safe and secure is a priority for any company. Trusted Technologies can connect your file storage to easily-accessible cloud services that provide a backup for your backup. This ensures that your data is safe behind the scenes and prevents any possible data loss before it happens – without costly site visits or time-consuming errors. And if any of your information ever gets compromised, Trusted Technologies is there with virtualization tools to minimize downtime and restore your data.

Data recovery & hard drive repairs

Even if your system isn’t backed up, data loss doesn’t have to be the end of the line. Trusted Technologies has industry leading tools to recover information from your hard drive after a crash or virus. We help many customers recover critical personal and business data, even they have been turned away by Apple and other help desk companies.

PCI & HIPAA Compliance

Our managed IT services provide bulletproof security policies that can be hard to maintain with a small or part-time IT department. For many organizations, especially those in the finance, healthcare, and education industries, regulatory compliance is mandatory for the IT portion of their business. Trusted Technologies works with standards such as PCI and HIPAA compliance, and can guide your organization to fit the parameters and regulations it needs to adhere to these specifications -without overburdening your staff or your budget.

E-Discovery for litigation

When your business is involved in a lawsuit, you need the most efficient and comprehensive discovery tools to find electronic data relevant to your litigation. Trusted Technologies gives you the ability to consolidate messages and data quickly and effectively from any search terms, dates, addresses, or any other criterion you request, into a standard format so that your counsel can easily access all pertinent data.

Digital forensics

We also offer: Document Review, Data Collection, Data Analysis, Erasure Verification, Evidence Preservation, E-Discovery and Expert Witness Testimony.

Virus protection and removal

Protecting your hardware from viruses is a priority. But individual protection programs don’t always detect or disarm dangerous files 100% of the time. Trusted Technologies offers a full range of preventative services, using software and security experts to investigate potential malware in your systems as soon as it pops up. If any of your technology is compromised, we have the experience and expertise to fix your hardware quickly and affordably, with an accessible backup of your data while we work.