Combating Computer Eye Strain

So hey, let’s talk about eye strain! Following up on our last blog post with tips for creating a more ergonomic workstation, it’s also important to know how to take precautions to protect our peepers.

After all, how much time do you spend staring at a computer screen every day? Our guess is it’s […]

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Sit Up Straight: Ergonomic Workstation Tips & Reminders

If you sit at a desk or workstation and use a keyboard and mouse regularly (and really, who doesn’t?), it’s important to be conscious of your posture and positioning. Ergonomics tell us how to work more comfortably in order to avoid fatigue, discomfort and injury in the workplace. with some simple adjustments, we can […]

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Looking for a New Laptop Part 2: Chromebooks

You’ve probably heard about Chromebooks but maybe you aren’t sure what separates them from regular laptops. Chromebooks have taken up significant market share over the past few years, especially in the education market. In our last article Buying a New Laptop? We Can Help You Choose, we offered some basic information about these popular […]

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Looking for a New Laptop? We can help you choose.

One of the most common help requests we receive comes from customers who are looking to buy a new laptop but don’t know where to start. The range of choices, including manufacturer, style and size, can feel a bit overwhelming. We’ll walk you through the options and help you select the perfect laptop for […]

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In Case of Emergency: How to set up the vital app that’s already in your smartphone

Have you ever wondered how you would find out if someone close to you was in an accident, or had a medical emergency? Because most of us put a password and/or fingerprint lock on our smartphones (highly recommended for privacy protection), good Samaritans and first responders would not be able to access our contact numbers or other relevant information in a crisis situation. Kind of scary, right?

The good news is that there’s a simple solution in the form of “In Case of Emergency” apps (also known as ICE), which will allow the smartphone to provide contact and emergency medical information to anyone who knows how to access it.

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Oops, Did I Just Click That?

How to Avoid Malware – and What to Do if You Get Attacked
You’ve had those days too, I’m sure, when all the gadgets you depend on seem to be out to get you. It starts in the wee hours of the night, perhaps, when your carbon monoxide detector wakes you up chirping for a new battery. Once your day starts, you discover that you overslept because you accidentally set your smartphone alarm for PM. An hour in and your iPhone harangues you yet again to install the latest update everyone’s been complaining about. You press the “remind me later” button and curse the technology gods for making mischief at your expense.

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